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 The drive of our around 120 employees at our Gescher location in the region Münsterland is to make our customers happy. And their customers too!

That is why we attach particular importance to a close and individual exchange in order to fulfill every wish and to create excellent products together.

In this way, we refine surfaces for manufacturers in Europe with a wide variety of requirements. At the same time, we set standards in terms of sustainability through innovative research and pronounced environmental awareness.



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We take responsibility for people and the environment

We are increasingly focusing on the topic of sustainability and future orientation by constantly checking and improving our processes accordingly. We pay particular attention to the following topics:

Wastewater management

Waste prevention

Immission management

Energy management

Wastewater management

In-house sewage treatment plant

Almost unique in the German textile industry, ETV maintains an in-house sewage treatment plant with mechanical, biological and chemical-physical purification levels for water protection on an area of ​​almost 20,000 square meters.

Heat recovery

Exhaust air polluted by production is cleaned in a regenerative post-combustion system. We use the remaining residual heat to heat up cold water. Thanks to a specially developed thermal management system, we can reduce our energy requirements in this area by approx. 45% and at the same time significantly reduce our CO₂ emissions.

Immission management

Wastewater management

Water treatment plant

We control our water requirements almost independently through deep wells in combination with our own water treatment system. For this we use the resource-saving process of reverse osmosis. As a result, we mostly avoid the use of high-quality drinking water and reduce the otherwise accumulating salt load by up to 300t per year.

Recycling of residual printing pastes

We use a unique software system to sort and collect residual paint and use it for new batches. In this way we can avoid paint residues that would be disposed of.

Waste prevention

Energy management

Cogeneration unit

By using our own combined heat and power plant, we reduce the annual amount of sewage sludge from 1500t to 300t. At the same time, we produce some of the electricity we need in this way.