Your choice for value added finishing.

We refine your product for the German or European market with the desired properties in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

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We functionalize visible and unvisible parts for the vehicle industry.
We functionalize important medical textiles such as surgical fabrics under the highest quality standards.
With our textile finishing options, we contribute to a cleaner environment.
Event textiles
Event textiles for trade fairs or stages have special safety requirements. For example, we ensure optimal flame protection.
Home textiles
We not only dye and print your home textiles, but also ensure that your bed linen is temperature-regulating or outdoor textiles are made water-repellent.
Building materials
Technical textiles are used in the construction industry as floor coverings or in ceilings and walls. We give them the desired properties, for example to prevent mold.
Sport textiles
Even in sports, you can't do without the right equipment. We optimize outdoor textiles to guarantee successful hikes through the snow.
Protective clothing
Clothing also has certain properties. Especially Workwear and sportswear have unique requirements.

As compensation for the environment

We are aware of our responsibility for people and the environment and are therefore particularly committed to the issues of water protection, waste prevention, immission control and energy management.

We research for the future

Developing new technologies and special measures for sustainability also means constantly checking and improving yourself. That is why we are steadily working on important research projects in our laboratory.

Cooperation is our key

Due to our strong and motivated team, it is possible for us to work particularly closely with our customers and to develop new, resource-saving technologies. Would you like to become part of our team?