We add value to your product

Regardless of whether you want to coat, dye or print your textile: We are your reliable partner. Together we will find individual solutions. The professional finishing of yarns as well as the final presentation of your product are also in the best of hands with us.

Coating & finishing

On our finishing and coating frames with a maximum width of 340cm, your textiles receive special product properties from flame-retardant, to dirt and water-repellent, to black-out or anti-slip properties.

  • Foam coating up to 330 cm
  • Air / roller blade coating with pointed and circular blades up to 330 cm
  • Stencil printing / coating up to 330cm
  • Finishes up to 340 cm
  • Vector protection finishing

Surface dyeing

Our fully automatically controlled machines with a maximum width of 340 cm are suitable for treating plain fabrics, knitted and knitted goods, nonwovens and pile articles such as terry towels. In dry and wet finishing, we give your articles special properties for later use in protective clothing, home and house textiles and in technical areas.


  • Sengen / KKV bleaching up to 340 cm
  • Washing / desizing / bleaching up to 340 cm


  • HT tree color up to 320 cm
  • Jigger coloring up to 200 cm
  • Rope coloring up to 340 cm
  • Reel skid 80 kg to 450 kg
  • Jet dyeing 50 kg to 450 kg


  • Singe up to 360 cm
  • Calendering up to 320 cm
  • Tumbling
  • Drying / heat setting up to 340 cm
  • Furniture velor shears up to 150 cm


On our printing machine, surfaces with up to 16 colors in the pigment / reactive or dispersion dye classes can be printed on a width of up to 300cm.

We also take care of the creation of your printing templates and, on request, we can also produce sample copies.

Rotary printing

  • Rotary printing machine, 16 colors, up to 280 cm
  • Rotary printing press
    Max. Repeat length 102 cm
  • Camouflage print


  • Color settings of various color classes (pigment / reactive / dispersion printing) on a wide variety of flat structures
  • Patterns from 5 to 20m

Yarn equipment

We manufacture raw, bleached and colored chains on modern sizing and warping machines. We create special designs on our cone warping machine.

In yarn refinement, we treat yarns made from natural and synthetic fibers for knitting, warp-knitting, weaving and special technical articles. The range of processes includes bleaching, dyeing and special equipment on packages or slip beams.

Weaving mill

  • Creation of colored and unique chains
  • Warp beam width max. 420 cm
  • Warp beam diameter max. 125 cm

Yarn dyeing & finishing

  • Rewind
  • Cross-bobbin dyeing from 3 to 39 bobbins for almost all color mixtures
  • Note tree coloring

Final presentation

Quality assurance is our top priority.

From looking, to rolling, to packing and order picking: Everything is carried out according to your requirements by our qualified specialists.

  • Looking / rolling / foil packaging up to a product width of 340 cm
  • Cutting in lengths of 20 to 330 cm
  • Chain rolling machine, up to 250 cm
  • Elevator planter, up to 300 cm